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Tom Galloway is a three-time Emmy award winning technical producer and specialty camera operator who has earned numerous accolades for his work in the U.S. and abroad. Originally from Philadelphia, Galloway has toured the world and been part of such historic events as the Winter and Summer Olympics and entertainment programs from The Oprah Winfrey Show to major Network Television specials. Galloway is known as Tommy G and has captivated many with his unique eye for natural light and subjects in all forms of photography.  He has created and managed all aspects of production including set construction, creative graphics, lighting, production elements and crews.

Credits include being the first to master the Fox Gopher cam installation and all aspects of operation, a 2006 Emmy Award for Technical Manager, Mansion Poker FOX Network program, a 2003 Emmy Award for the 2002 Winter Olympics for camera and videotape work including the flying of Sky-Cam,  a 1995 Emmy Award for the 1994 Winter Olympics. He is a certified Steadi-Cam Operator. He has managed crews of over 150 people and technically managed events and programs with over 60 cameras.