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Cleveland, Ohio….May 12, 2011….Comet Technologies, a privately held U.S. based company and award winning leader in social network marketing plug-in technology and live mobile transmission, announced the launch of Twitpump™ today.  A video “How Twitpump™ Makes You Money” can be viewed at www.twitpump.com.

Victor Sviadosch, Chairman of Comet Technologies and Valeri Chirokov, Chief Technology Officer, along with industry expert Howard Becker CEO are the team who have invested and lead the efforts of Comet Technologies.   Originally from St. Petersburg Russia, Sviadosch and Chirokov joined Becker in establishing themselves as a viable force in the world of new technologies and mobile applications.  In 2010, Comet Technologies was awarded the CES Innovations Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will soon launch Sportadore™ and Gamenion™.

The Comet R&D team of PhD level physicists, mathematicians and software developers was created in 2001 to develop algorithms for the purpose of compressing, transmitting and viewing video over dial up telephone connections. In 2004, Comet introduced the first free videophone service specifically targeted to dial-up users and in parallel proved that the technology was uniquely able to transmit video through cellular voice and data channels.  

The entertainment and music industry has tapped into the Twitpump™ craze with inaugural Twitpump™ users including iconic rock legend Zakk Wylde, The Black Label Order, and Toronto based indie-rock band Magneta Lane.

Twitpump™ provides its customers with a Plug-in for their website that allows the customers to maintain all of the aspects of its current social marketing campaign while adding two important features. Those are a full multimedia social networking timeline integrated into the customer’s website and the opportunity for a customer to stream live events from their own webpage. The primary value of Twitpump™ to the customer is that by maintaining the Social Networking Timeline and Event stream on the customer’s webpage, the customer can bring more people to the website, and have them spend more time there while generating more interaction with them and greater deeper loyalty. With Twitpump™ all messages can be automatically sent to Twitter and Facebook, supporting the customer’s current social network marketing strategy. 

By keeping the Social Networking Timeline and Event Streaming on its own web pages, the customer further has the flexibility of surrounding these features with its own promotions, advertisements, and web links.  This is not possible when the customer’s Social Network Marketing Strategy relies only on Twitter or Facebook. The Twitpump Plug-in is easy to install and is attractively priced. 

In the current social media landscape, a follower or friend must go directly to the social media site such as Twitter or Facebook individually to communicate at a location where an entertainer or business has a page. Now with the creation and launch of Twitpump™ a guest can do all of this on a customer’s website, where the Twitpump™ customer has total control over the page, including the ability to have buy buttons right next to timeline, all while simultaneously updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Plus, with Twitpump™, they can utilize the real-time live video streaming opportunity to post events, communications, launches or products all at once, all on the Twitpump™ customer’s website.  Interested users of Twitpump™ can download the free Android App by going to www.twitpump.com and clicking on Mobile.

Events, live communications and promotions give Twitpump™ and its customers the advantage of bringing thousands of followers and friends to a website and provide live real-time coverage of major events throughout the world.  Twitpump™ recently launched coverage of the United States Postal Service’s new Latin stamp collection in Austin Texas and covered the annual South By Southwest Music Festival. In addition Twitpump™ was live at Toronto’s annual JUNO Awards, Canada’s version of The Grammys.

Comet Technologies has plans to launch Sportadore™ and Gamenion™ in summer 2011, two new technologies enhanced by customer experiences in Sports and Video Gaming sectors respectively.

Gamenion is where Twitter and Facebook come together on a gamer-centric website with messages that include references to particular games and game related keywords. The messages are categorized by game, so that a user can see all the social networking communications related to that game. The website includes unique data bases, where a user can see all the messages from people within their social network that relate to games. Users can build their own network in their particular area of interest.

Sportadore is similar in concept to Gamenion, except its proprietary robots search and bring together all Twitter and Facebook messages with important sports and individual athlete related keywords. Users can view all the messages related to a single team, or can view messages from everyone within their social network who has created a message about a specific player, team or sports topic. Sportadore takes sports fans to an entirely new level of play.



Comet Technologies, a privately held U.S. based company, is an award winning world leader in social network marketing plug-in technology and live mobile video transmission.  The company has pioneered and patented robust technology for the streaming of live video through mobile connections in the global wireless technology market. Leading news organizations including CNN, FOX and ABC have made history using the live-to-air transmission of content from a mobile device to TV for broadcasting.  In 2010, Comet Technologies was awarded the CES Innovations Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Twitpump™, Comet’s social network marketing plug-in is unique in its ability to bring followers and friends to a customer’s website and keep them there.  The Comet Technologies family of brands include Twitpump™, Sportadore™ (www.sportadore.com), Gamenion™ (www.gamenion.com), First2Air™ and Comet Studio™.  For more information on Comet Technologies go to www.twitpump.com.

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