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For Immediate Release:    “Secret Collection of the de’ Medici Royal Family” at Auction for First Time   GWS Auctions Presents Items from Aristocratic Dynasty Saturday, May 26 at 10 AM   Event Features Historical de’ Medici Villas, Art & Jewelry Including Machiavelli Mansion, Luxe Calabrian Home and Swoon-worthy Oceanfront Property   BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, (April 26,2018)– GWS Auctions, Inc. announces an auction of intriguing historical significance with the “Secret Collection of the Italian Royal Family.” This unprecedented auction highlights exquisite treasures from Italy’s captivating and accomplished aristocrats, the de’ Medici’s.   “The Secret Collection of the Italian Royal Family” auction will take place Saturday, May 26 at 10 AM online and at the Hilton Universal City in Universal City, CA. Food and beverages will be served during the event.   For centuries, the powerful de’ Medici family dominated Italy’s political, religious and cultural landscape, ushering in the Renaissance, serving as patrons of artists and scientists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo, and producing four popes. GWS Auctions offers a rare and exciting opportunity to own a piece oftheirlegacy through “The Secret Collection of the de’ Medici Royal Family.” Highlights will includeexclusive properties, like the Machiavelli home, and one-of-a-kindart, jewelry and precious collectibles—many never before publicly displayed andon the market for the first time. The collection speaksof the fascinating lives of this influential family. The auction items come from the modern descendants of the Calabrian branch of the dynasty, today headed by Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici along with his mother Krystyna and sister Princess Caterina.   “On every level, this is an unparalleled sale,” says GWS Auctions owner Brigitte Kruse. “We have the matchless real estate, exceptional personal possessions and artifacts of one of the world’s most iconic families.” The auction has Pop Art inspired works by Lorenzo—a Prince of Italy.   For impressive history, it’s hard to beat Machiavelli’s Florence villa, a landmarked property located next door to the Ferragamo mansion, which comes with Renaissance art and frescoes that can never be removed from the restored 16th century palazzo. In addition to the extraordinary artifacts, Princess Caterina isoffering the winning bidder her design expertise to help a new owner balance modern amenities while preserving the past in the 640 square meter (close to 7,000 square foot) home overlooking the city.   Another unique piece of real estate is the family’s “summer castle” in Calabria, the birthplace of Versace, a picturesque compound with luxurious gardens and a massive pool. The entry to the nine-bedroom, 1097 square meters (approximately 11,800 square foot) is a 15th century pharmacy.   The auction will offer a 54,880 square meter (13.5+ acres) of oceanfront property at the southernmost tip of Italy that, by virtue of the family’s standing, remains the only buildable lot in the region. Additionally, the sale includes 11 two-bedroom, furnished apartments in a resort condo near the sea and a de’ Medici home in Rome.   The royal family collection covers centuries of history as well as some more modern pieces, including paintings and sculptures by Prince Lorenzo, an artist, philanthropist, chef and in demand speaker, who will attend the auction and the preview. American audiences might recognize him from his appearances on the TV series, “Undercover Princes,” where he met his now wife Rosemary. The family’s decision to share some of their prized possessions is a way to honor the legacy of Lorenzo’s father Alessandro, who passed away in 2017.   The de’ Medici treasures in the auctioninclude an Antiphonarium Cisterciense, a hymnal in the family since the 18th century; a portrait of Cesare Borgia attributed to Raphael; Jacobus Buys’ 1769 "Bacchanal" and James Millar’s 1804 "Blind Belisarius," both oils on canvas; a collection of engraved portraits of de’ Medici aristocrats by Adriano Haluech circa 1700s; a 1650s family crest painting on linen that stretches over nine feet; and a pre-1815 kingdom map of Italy with the de’ Medici crest.   Among the royal jewels for sale are stunning GIA certified diamond, emerald and sapphire rings, necklaces and earrings set in solid platinum and gold, many custom designed for the de’ Medicis. Buyers can also bid on two Bruno Caputo watches made especially for the Prince.   Vehicles in the sale include a 1999 Jaguar with a paint job by graffiti artist Risk, a super cool Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled motorcycle prototype with Lorenzo’s signature; a sporty yellow 1995 Alfa Romeo Roadster Zagato convertible, one of fewer than 300 produced; and a fully restored turquoise 1956 Lincoln Premier two-door hardtop coupe.   Prince Lorenzo’s own works, many of which exemplify his Renaissance Pop Art esthetic, rounds out the sale. His art, often tongue-in-cheek, put a modern twist on classical styles. Pieces include a Marilyn Monroe Madonna and child; a colorfully painted suit of armor; mixed media portraits of his forebears Lorenzo the Magnificent, Pope Clement VI and Clarissimo de’ Medici; “The Gorilla,” a giant zinc-coated, recycled steel sculpture adorned with silver and gold leaf; and a Carrera marble mixed-media paint, copper and silver head of Christ replicated from “The Pieta." The auction will also include a full-size replica of Michelangelo’s masterpiece.   AUCTION INFORMATION Saturday, May 26 live at the Hilton Universal City, 515 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, CA, and onlineat www.gwsauctions.com/ at 10 AM PDT. RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   . AUCTION REAL ESTATE APPOINTMENTS May 18-May 24 contact www.gwsauctions.com for appointments to preview the real estate properties in Italy.   To register go to www.gwsauctions.com Hi-resolution images are available by emailing:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   ABOUT GWS AUCTIONS, INC. GWS Auctions, Inc., is a Los Angeles-based, full-service auction, consignment and real estate company specializing in the sale of entertainment memorabilia, antiques, real estate, jewelry, collectibles and luxury vehicles. Owner Brigitte Kruse is the first woman auctioneer recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records and a member of the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council. GWS Auctions, Inc., offers a wide range of global experience in every phase of the auction business, including research, advertising, inventory management, security services, cataloging and sales. Offering competitive consignment rates with a dedicated team of experts, GWS Auctions, Inc., prides itself on superior auction experiences and services for both buyers and sellers. Previous auctions includean Elvis Presley jet, the first ever runway fashion show auction, legendary entertainment memorabilia featuring Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, the world's largest abandoned property auction, jewelry and collectibles from royal families and an extensive collection of Dalis, Picassos and Warhols. www.gwsauctions.com   PRESS CONTACT Caroline Galloway M2M PR & Partnerships (440) 591-3807 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.