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For Immediate Release JUDY GARLAND’S “WIZARD OF OZ” RUBY RED REHEARSAL SLIPPER, RARE SCREEN USED ELVIS PRESLEY SADDLE, JOHNNY CASH’S ICONIC PROTOTYPE GUITAR AND A BURIAL PLOT AMONG THE STARS HIGHLIGHT THE LEGENDS: ICONIC HOLLYWOOD AND MUSIC AUCTION GWS AUCTIONS ANNOUNCES AN AUCTION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS WORTHY OF ITS OWN BLOCKBUSTER STATUS Judy Garland’s Rare Rubv Red Rehearsal Slipper from “Wizard of Oz,” Elvis Presley’s Personal Film Reels, Elvis’s Never-Before-Sold Personal Saddle from Circle G Ranch, Johnny Cash’s Prototype Guitar, Michael Jackson’s Pepsi Commercial Jacket - The Auction Also Celebrates Steve McQueen, Prince, Elizabeth Taylor, The Beatles, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Al Pacino, Jimi Hendrix, Gone with the Wind, The Exorcist and more   Saturday November 3, 2018 Beginning at 10am PDT   Los Angeles, California – October 9, 2018 – GWS Auctions, the renowned auction house who has set multiple records with the sale of iconic entertainment and music memorabilia, has announced their biggest Hollywood and Music Memorabilia auction to date – Legends: Iconic Hollywood and Music Auction – to take place on Saturday, November 3, 2018 beginning at 10am PT in Los Angeles.   “I have been in this business my entire life. I must say that the paramount provenance of these Hollywood and Music artifacts makes this auction substantial. We have over 250 items that will, without question, make history on auction day. We are known for our signature, boutique auctions from Elvis Presley to Judy Garland and everything in between. This auction has it all and represents many of the most defining moments in entertainment history.” – Brigitte Kruse, Founder of GWS Auctions, Inc.   The Legends: Iconic Hollywood and Music Memorabilia Auction features a comprehensive selection of some of the most memorable items ever worn, used or owned by the world’s biggest stars and in some of our most beloved films. The highlights are a vast and an important chronicle of Hollywood’s and Music’s most important moments in history. The auction is comprised of the rare and unusual, film costumes, personal clothing, photographs, signed contracts, stage worn costumes, personal property, ephemera, jewelry, props, handwritten lyrics, musical instruments, awards, vehicles, letters and so much more   Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” hold a near mythical status in the world of Hollywood memorabilia. GWS Auctions will present a Ruby Red Slipper Rehearsal Shoe from the esteemed Kent Warner Collection. This is the only red slipper that is for sale in the world at this time. The others remain in private collections and museums.   Among the unique and unusual is an urn plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery being labeled as “a burial plot among the stars.”  The plot for four is in the Holy Terrace Columbarium Elevation A.   Forest Lawn is the purported resting place of many superstars, including Elizabeth Taylor, George Burns, Gracie Allen, W.C. Fields, Michael Jackson, Tom Mix, Sammy Davis Jr., Walt Disney, Red Skelton, Robert Young, Lon Chaney, Ethel Waters, Alan Ladd, Dick Powell, Robert Taylor and many others.   For the first time ever, Elvis Presley’s Circle G Ranch Saddle will be offered at auction. This saddle is the first one to ever be publicly sold and was originally designed by Mike McGregor. Elvis used this saddle in the films Rising Sun and Midnight. He also regularly used it at his beloved Circle G Ranch as well as at Graceland for several years. Photos of Elvis using the saddle and a letter from the estate of Mike McGregor, Elvis’ close friend of 50 years will accompany the item. This auction represents a vast collection of the most unique Elvis Presley artifacts ever offered by GWS Auctions in one single event.   Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” hold a near mythical status in the world of Hollywood memorabilia. GWS Auctions will present a Ruby Red Slipper Rehearsal Shoe from the esteemed Kent Warner Collection. This is the only red slipper that is for sale in the world at this time. The others remain in private collections and museums.   Fans know him as “The Man in Black,” but Johnny Cash was more than the country music legend. He sang about the oppression of working men and the shortcomings of society. He was part of a very elite club of rock and roll pioneers along with Elvis Presley.   GWS Auctions has the honor of offering Johnny Cash’s Grammer Acoustic guitar which was hand built by J.W. Gower. The guitar is a prototype that was made especially for the musical giant. The guitar has a mother of pearl inlay which reads “Johnny Cash” on the neck along with other features that only J.W. Gower could produce while working at Grammer. In the mid-1990s, collector Roger Binette rented a boat on Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee.   He motored over to Johnny Cash’s home where he was quickly met by a security guard. Binette informed the guard that he wanted to buy one of Cash’s guitars and handed him a bag that contained $25,000 cash in it. The guard left and later returned with four guitars. This guitar was one of the four. This is one of the most historical musical instruments of our time.   The King of Pop, Michael Jackson continues to be adored around the world and memorabilia celebrating Michael Jackson continues to be sought after by fans and collectors alike. The auction will include many items from Michael Jackson’s life and career including the very rare Black Sequin Jacket worn by Michael Jackson during the infamous PEPSI commercial; signed Thriller lyrics; Michael Jackson Billie Jean lyrics; Michael Jackson worn Victory Tour loafers; a BAD Tour sequined glove; a Michael Jackson personal drawing; a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” white fedora; a custom Bill Whitten designed Black Sequin Victory Tour “Billie Jean” jacket and even a Joe Jackson Trust Bank Book from the time of the Jackson 5 in addition to many more items. The auction would not be complete without a set of “Jackson 5” costumes designed by Boyd Clopton that have been on display at the Grammy Museum and were featured on their “Greatest Hits” album cover.   A Hollywood auction would not have the proper finish without a bit of macabre and to that extent GWS Auctions will also offer Linda Blair’s signed “The Exorcist” crucifix prop and Charles Manson’s double signed personal check dated August 22, 1969, less than two weeks after the tragic murder spree that landed him in prison for life along with his followers. In addition, “The Exorcist” prop is from one of the most controversial movie scenes in cinema history.   Extraordinary highlights of the Legends: Iconic Hollywood and Music Memorabilia will also include Elizabeth Taylor Signed Restraining Order; Clark Gable's Signed Contract for Gone With The Wind Between Selznick & MGM; Elvis Presley’s personal copy of the film “Blue Hawaii;” Prince’s personally owned and worn Versace suit; an Al Pacino signed Godfather II partial contract; an Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker signed contract; the last Beatles Final Scheduled Concert August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park concert ticket; Jimi Hendrix 1968 Winterland Ballroom Concert Ticket for The Jimi Hendrix Experience; Elvis Presley’s broken wrist x-ray; a George Michael Fender Squier Bullet Electric Guitar; Steve McQueen’s personal license plate; a John Lennon and Yoko jacket created for promotional purposes to celebrate the release of Lennon & Ono’s “Milk and Honey” album in 1984; Hugh Hefner Signed Playboy Magazine First Issue Featuring Marilyn Monroe; a pair of Marilyn Monroe salt and pepper shakers; The Wolverine stunt claws; James Dean’s autograph; a fiberglass casting from the film The Terminator; an original painting on canvas signed by Joe DiMaggio; Gilda Radner’s signed “Saturday Night Live” contract; an original 1960 Western Union telegram concerning Marilyn Monroe; a Les Paul signed Gibson Epiphone guitar; George Jones’ personally owned Jeep Wrangler; The Beatles’ George Harrison signed contract; a JFK dinner invitation from the night of the assassination and hundreds of other items.   And then there’s the cars, those famous loud, celebrated and incredibly unique cars that define scenes on both the small and big screens. Some of the automotive highlights include the General Lee #13 RDV car from the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie (1969 Dodge Charger); a futuristic Chrysler prop used by Collin Farrell in “Total Recall;” a custom 1982 Yamaha created expressly for the “Walking Dead;” Nicolas Cage’s classic motorcycle from “The Rock;” the Hannah Montana: The Movie 1983 Ford F-150 Pick-up truck signed by the cast; Elvis Presley’s CA registration for his Harley-Davidson and more.   The Legends: Iconic Hollywood and Music Memorabilia auction will take place live online beginning at 10am PDT on Saturday, November 3, 2018. To register to bid and view the entire catalog please visit: www.gwsauctions.com   A Hi-res image download is here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Agw0CwpdguWO6Wn11Ch8lmyV-us- All photo credits must read GWS Auctions   All items are available for preview by scheduling an appointment. You may do so by calling: (760) 610-4175 or emailing a request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         EXCLUSIVE MEDIA PREVIEW Monday, October 22, 2018 10:00 a.m. PT – 3:00 p.m. PT Universal Hilton Exhibit Hi-res images available by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   ABOUT GWS AUCTIONS, INC. GWS Auctions, Inc., are a Los Angeles-based, full-service auction, consignment and real estate company specializing in the sale of entertainment memorabilia, antiques, real estate, jewelry, collectibles and luxury vehicles. Owner Brigitte Kruse is the first woman auctioneer recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records and a member of the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council. GWS Auctions, Inc., offers a wide range of global experience in every phase of the auction business, including research, advertising, inventory management, security services, cataloging and sales. Offering competitive consignment rates with a dedicated team of experts, GWS Auctions, Inc., prides itself on superior auction experiences and services for both buyers and sellers. Previous auctions include an Elvis Presley jet, the first ever runway fashion show auction, legendary entertainment memorabilia featuring Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, the world's largest abandoned property auction, jewelry and collectibles from royal families and an extensive collection of Dalis, Picassos and Warhols.  Information at www.gwsauctions.com     PRESS CONTACT                         Caroline Galloway M2M PR & Partnerships (440) 591-3807 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.