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MEDIA ALERT   PAUL MCCARTNEY’S PERSONAL “PLEASE PLEASE ME” DEBUT BEATLES ALBUM, BEYONCE’S “DREAMGIRLS’” ROBE, BRUCE WILLIS’S COSTUMES, MARLON BRANDO’S 1973 OSCAR-WIN ROLEX AND ELVIS PRESLEY X-RAYS HIGHLIGHT KRUSE GWS AUCTIONS   OVER 160LOTS OF EXTRAORDINARY MUSIC AND HOLLYWOOD MEMORABILIA WILL HIT THE AUCTION BLOCK ON MAY 11, 2019   BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – May 3, 2019 - Kruse GWS Auctions has announced the “Artifacts of Hollywood & Music” to take place Saturday, May 11, 2019 beginning at 10:00 a.m. PT. The auction will offer a collection of unique and extraordinary items from the most iconic stars of Hollywood and music. More than 160 highly desirable lots will be up for auction block, some for the very first time.   Among the many exceptional pieces are Paul McCartney’s personal copy of the Beatles debut album “Please Please Me”; Elvis Presley’s hand and foot x-rays and Graceland purchase contract; Marlon Brando-owned Rolex watch, given to him after his 1973 Oscar win; a signed letter from Princess Diana and Prince Charles; Beyonce’s La Perla ivory robe worn in her “Dreamgirls” role as “Deena Jones;” Frank Sinatra’s personally owned and used reading glasses; The Doors and Pink Floyd double-sided concert handbill; a large collection of Bruce Willis’s costumes from some of his most famous movies; and Will Ferrell’s “Blades of Glory” ski outfit and so much more. A full list of artifacts going up for auction can be viewed at www.gwsauctions. To register go to www.gwsauctions.com   To register go to www.gwsauctions.com     Hi-resolution images are available by emailing:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   To view online auction catalog: https://connect.invaluable.com/gwsauctionsllc/auction-catalog/Archives-of-Hollywood-Music_8L4FBMWDV4/   To register go to www.gwsauctions.com       ABOUT KRUSE GWS AUCTIONS, INC. KRUSE GWS Auctions, Inc., is a Los Angeles-based, full-service auction and consignment firm specializing in the sale of; entertainment memorabilia, antiques, high-end jewelry, collectibles, notable estates and movie vehicles. Lead Auctioneer and Co-Founder Brigitte Kruse is the first woman auctioneer recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records and a member of the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council. GWS Auctions, Inc., offers a wide range of global experiences in every phase of the auction business. Services include; research, advertising, inventory management, cataloging and sales. Offering competitive and dedicated team of experts, GWS Auctions, Inc., prides itself on superior auctions and the highest quality services for both buyers and sellers. Previous auctions include an Elvis Presley jet, the first ever runway fashion show auction, legendary entertainment memorabilia featuring Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, the world's largest abandoned property auction, jewelry and collectibles from multiple royal families and an extensive collection of Dalis, Picassos and Warhols.  Information at www.gwsauctions.com   PRESS CONTACT Caroline Galloway M2M PR & Partnerships (440) 591-3807 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   PHOTO ID: Page One- Elvis Presley “KING” watch, Paul McCartney “Please Please Me” debut Beatles album, Elvis Presley Xray and Marlon Brando 1973 Oscar Win Rolex watch   Page Two: Beyonce “Dreamgirls” robe, Frank Sinatra reading glasses, Bruce Willis film worn costume