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 AUTHOR SUZI CONKLIN NANCE RELEASES “BREAK FREE OF NEGATIVE BELIEFS AND THE WEIGHT THAT CLINGS TO THEM”   An Extraordinary New Self-Help Book Combining Self Hypnosis and Real-Life Strategies to Get and Stay Healthy and Fit Newport, Rhode Island – January 7, 2019 –– Hypnotherapist, author and speakerSuzi Conklin Nance, hasreleased her much-anticipated new book – “Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them.” Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at www.suzinance.com, the book is an extraordinary new type of self-help book that shares her very personal story with real life strategies that guide readers to their personal discoveries.   “Break Free…” is a blueprint, to help the reader access and harness their own amazing power. The core message of the book is letting go of excess weight but it also is for anyone that struggles with making and sticking to wanted changes in their thoughts and behaviors.  It offers an understanding of the inner workings of both our conscious and subconscious minds and shows why so often they are in direct opposition of each other. Giving insight to the immense power of one’s subconscious and the role it plays in our everyday choices is a key take-away of this powerful, new book.  The book uses interactive worksheets and self-hypnosis scripts that guide the reader in identifying and releasing the long-held, false and outdated core beliefs that have been creating road blocks for most of their lives.     As I sat on the side of the highway wallowing in self-pity watching the cars zoom by I pretty quickly realizing that pulling into the breakdown lane at rush hour was really stupid and I was probably going to get killed trying to merge  back into traffic so none of this matter anyway. In all seriousness, I was actually scared, how was I was going to get back into traffic, ( I hate to merge under the best circumstances). It was then, that moment when I was trying to pump myself up, to figure out my options, I could wait a couple hours until traffic slowed down, I could open my hood and maybe someone would stop to help thinking I broke down and then they could help me navigate back in. It was at that moment being scared but knowing I would figure it out and eventually be back on the road home that I realized that I was going to do the same with my health - Suzi Nance, author It begins with the author’s personal story. Her journey from being a chunky kid to a 100 pounds overweight adult with an autoimmune disease that was taking over her body and barely allowed her to function.  It combines her own personal knowledge and results from thousands of people she has worked with through her hypnotherapy, as well as years of copious research. Her wit, humor and personal anecdotes make the book easy to read, familiar and entertaining. But at the same time extraordinarily helpful in garnering the success she outlines from the very beginning. Well this was the beginning of the journey down the rabbit hole...by the time I had my appointment with the rheumatologist and over the next months, different and some very debilitating symptoms started to show up. Some would stick around, some would come and go. That was the most frustrating part. For days I would have horrible pain, numbness and or weakness in one part of my body then it would leave, and I would feel like I could exhale, that it was over, when a new symptom would appear. – Suzi Nance, author+ An extremely gifted practitioner of hypnotherapy, Suzi has managed to translate her intuitive and insightful skills into a book that reads like a conversation with her. Witty, energizing and engaging as she unravels our biggest challenges, how to make the desired, sustainable changes to our attitudes and actions that are needed to start living a life you choose. I would recommend Suzi’s book to anyone looking to not only get fit, but to also grow, evolve and increase their enjoyment of life with a more optimistic “can do” world view.  ---Jon Brett, PhD Clinical Psychologist Nance has also created “Break Free at Home,” online course which offers full-day workshops and weekend wellness retreats. She / the country working with corporations, hospitals and organizations, as well as families and individuals and guides them to ignite their own innate power to get them where they want and can be.   To order “Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them” go to www.suzinance.com,  www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com.