Welcome to M2M PR & Partnerships


So you think you know a lot of people....well you haven't seen anything yet! Mouth to Mouth PR & Partnerships put their vast consortium of external partners side by side with the biggest rolodex you have ever seen and works to partner people, brands and organizations to develop new business, drive awareness and garner new revenue streams.

The group at Mouth to Mouth PR & Partnerships, either individually or collectively have been responsible for strategic alliances with the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Conde Naste/GQ Magazine, Sturgis and Buffalo Chip, Epiphone Guitar, Planet Hollywood, numerous record labels and television programming, Cleveland Film Commission, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, New Line Cinema, NuPyk, Legacy Learning Systems and so many more. We can go on forever but call us instead...we'd love to show the examples of how we made it work by seeking out global partners to work together in building a business strategy that works but better yet, extends the reach and power of the brand.  They always say its all about who you know!

Mouth to Mouth PR & Partnerships offers corporate strategic alliances, creative consumer brand product placement opportunities, brand integration, co-op media plans, event partnerships and sponsors and overall campaign management for brands, launches and new or existing programs.