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Suzi Nance

Jeff Skillen

INTRODUCING SUZI NANCE:  "Living the Life You Love"

When Suzi speaks on these issues it is from first hand experiences and her current business practices. She is a life coach that takes the word business and turns it into a lifestyle which in turn provides individuals a life that they love and a prosperity that has meaning.

Suzi is the second generation, President of Capitol Realty Company, a leading real estate firm in Newport RI, where for over fifty years they have enjoyed the success that comes with a reputation of exceptional client service.  With a sales force that spans three generations, Suzi can speak from experience, to the rewards and challenges of such. Capitol has been a leader in social media thanks to the skill set of the younger members and a power house overall. But social responsibility and green initiatives has been an intricate part of Nance's being throughout her life.  Her deep commitment to support organizations that work to foster a better world has allowed her sit on national boards, be asked to run for political offices and lead teams of engaged individuals whose purpose is to make the world a better place.

In 2009 Suzi created Bring Peace Not Pain, a self funded initiative that promotes peace and global citizenship through a speaker series, school programs and national peace challenges.

She sits on the Board of Trustees for St. Michael's Day School and Chair of the Diversity Committee. She is also Chairman of the Board of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Newport, Rhode Island and is a member of the National Board of Realtors.  

Suzi, a self confessed type A, ADD personality with an abundance of energy which often finds that her passion and commitment to social causes takes her to unexpected places...such as taking her from just wanting to clean up local beaches to winning a seat on the city council...…or from blogging about peace and within six months finding herself at Sundance Film Festival where she was invited to speak with filmmakers and stars such as Kevin Bacon, ZZ Top, Liam Neeson and Chris Rock on peace and global citizenship....…or that when she began oil painting as a means of relaxation it would lead to her paintings being acquired by Disney for the movie “Dan in Real Life”.

Suzi speaks to groups and corporations around the globe. Delighting in meeting new people and engaging them in discussion about "Living the Life You Love" and "Embracing Peace in an Every Changing Rat Race" Suzi can turn a regular meeting or conference into a full-fledge interactive discussion which takes on its own life post event. 

Her broad, rich base of knowledge and experience allows her the credentials to speak authentically on a variety of topics releviant to business, non-profits, student and personal empowerment. Her humor, energy and conviction will transform the audience and give power to the people. She strives, at every speaking engagement, to give people the power, the permission, and the tools to be agents of change in their professional and personal life.

Suzi Nance has been regularly featured on regional and local television, the Boston Globe, Providence Journal, Wall Street Journal, Newport Daily News to name a few. She is often discussed, promoted or included in blogs.

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INTRODUCING JEFF SKILLEN: "Embracing Nothingness"

Jeff Skillen is the creative force behind SkillSet Enterprises. Jeff has extensive senior executive level experience at world-class companies focused in the entertainment and technology fields. He possesses the unique ability to creatively connect the seemingly disparate artistic and corporate worlds to deliver outstanding results for clients.

Jeff has diverse entrepreneurial experience in virtually all facets of the entertainment industry, including digital media, new technology, A&R, production, management, publishing, business affairs, sales, e-commerce, marketing and distribution.

In addition to serving a number of high profile clients, Jeff is a member of NARAS and a voting member for the Grammys, serves as an Expert Scholar for the Gerson Lehrman Group, and is a Visiting Scholar at Louisiana State University and the University of Montana. He currently serves as the Director of Development for the Nashville Songwriters Foundation, and has previously been a member of Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) Communications Committee, and a member of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Audio Technology Advisory Board.

Skillen speaks of "embracing nothingness" to create and secure your ultimate potential. Taking your professional skills and personal beliefs while combining the energy and effectiveness of first embracing "nothingness" is the first step to great professional success and personal motivation to balance your life and gain prosperity. His anecdotal conversations while on the speaking stage and real-life experiences and examples have given audiences around the country a new sense of professional growth and a greater awareness of the balance needed in your personal life to truly be successful.

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